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problems with DOUBLE CLICK in Windows API

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i have tried to listen to the event WM_LBUTTONDBCLK and it is not working.... does anybody here knows why? i tried with appz that dont use openGL and they work just fine.. i know that this probebly question in microsoft forum but maybe someone here knows the answer

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yea as Matrix said, it's probobly got intercepted before it could count as a doubleclick.
Basicly what i think is happening is that if you click once it will post a click message in the message que.
When the next click comes it checks if there has been a recent click in the message que, if so then change that into a doubleclick.
However most gl apps emty that que 60-100(or more) times a second, leaving little chance of actuarly regestering a doubleclick.

but this is just speculation.
So if you realy need the double click thingey and WM_LBUTTONDBCLK doesn't work, then you have to do it yourself, it shouldn'r be that hard to do.

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