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i need for a project software for the sound department and it is needed to be free pls help me i don't need warez

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Original post by white
i don't do sounds
i am trying at programming, but the guy from sounds asked me to help him at this part

Ok, but going to back to what I have just said, what exactly are you looking for? I mean "free sound software" could be 100's of different things. So below are questions to try and help you understand what I'm saying:

* Do you need software to convert a file format into another format? (For example, wav->mp3) (CDex)
* Do you need software to rip audio cd tracks to your hard drive? (CDex)
* Do you need a generic sound editing program? (Audacity)
* Are you in need of software that will use loops to make music? (looplabs)

See what I mean? So you should probabally ask your sound friend, what is he after, so we can try to offer some suggestions to what you are looking for your project.

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