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spacemonkeystudios' new project...

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You were enlisted, they forced you to kill the aristocracy of opposing nations. Telling you Roslov would become a super-power if the other 'tyrant' nations were taken out. You, however, didn't believe a word, and slowly the killing twisted you, and eventually, you snapped. Now the Roslovian army is on the look out for an assassin. Now you must use the skills the forced into you, to escape the confines of Roslov for good, and make it to Germany. And if a few civillians who voted for the government are killed in the course, then all the better. Armed with only a silenced pistol, and a thirst for freedom, you must fight or sneak your way out of Roslov, in your toughest ever mission, codenamed: ProjectMode.
Please check back to the site regularly to get more updates on the game. Blog - for game development. Aswell as a new simple game project; Isle, where you take over the soul of an island. The exe will be continually updated with the games development so people can track the progress. It is currently a command window/console game, but there will be an imminent arrival of a graphical version. cheers for looking, and check them out! [Edited by - spacemonkeystudios on August 31, 2005 5:22:58 PM]

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