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Unity SDL_WM_SetIcon with an 8 bit alpha image

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Hi, I currently use SDL_WM_SetIcon to set Jooleem's icon. The icon is based on a 32 bit PNG image, with an 8 bit alpha channel. However, at runtime the icon is displayed as if it has only a 1 bit alpha channel, and looks really bad. I am facing the same problem on both Windows XP and Mac OS X. The operating system supports 8 bit alpha icons, and other application make very nice use of them. The documentation mentions only these requirements for SDL_WM_SetIcon:
Win32 icons must be 32x32. This function must be called before the first call to SDL_SetVideoMode.
My windows source image is 32x32 (128x128 on mac), and the function is called before SDL_SetVideoMode. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to make the icons look nice? If not, should I resort to platform specific #ifdefs and use the OS's API directly?

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