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problems with 3d sound using directmusic

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[sound engine dll] | [platform exe] |----[game1 dll] |----[game2 dll] |----..... Above is the overall design of my current project, the platform can run different game depend on user choice. The sound engine maintain a static IDirectMusicPerformance and IDirectMusicLoader, and provides API to load and play wave file with 3D positioning effect. Even though the platform can play 3d sound nicely, but the wave file loaded and played by game dll do not come out correctly, it seem like the platform detect my speaker setup as 7.1 correctly, but the game dll detect my speaker setup as 2 speaker stereo. Anyone know why is this happening? Following is the program flow: ->platform initialize sound engine, ->platform load some wave files, ->platform load game dll, ->game dll load some wave files, ->platform play 3d sound (correctly), ->game dll play 3d sound (stereo only). I'm using DirectX 9.0c.

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