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Music for RPG

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Wow, these are probably the best pieces of RPG music I've ever seen on these boards, or at least in a long while. They have the perfect RPG theme to them, and are very polished.

Nice job, keep up the excellent work. Keep posting your secrets as well!


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Well, it's been a while again since I last posted here.
First of all, thanks again for you compliments. I really appreciate it.
The battle theme has been updated, as I said I would. It is now a bit longer and more polished, especially in dynamics. I have practically rewritten everything, but mainly the drums really changed.
I thought I'd also share some new music. Note that "Under Siege" is something I am currently working on, so it is rather short and stops pretty suddenly. "Ancient war" is an old piece of music I once wrote, still using it's working name. Both are ment as music for an FMV.
I'll put them here and add them above as well:

- Under Siege (FMV war music)
- Ancient War (FMV music, possible for intro)

Edit: Now that I think about it, these last pieces of music, I'm not even sure whether they are going to be in the game. So perhaps I am following your advice, Darren, and began to write music more for the music itself and, something that is very important to me right now, to learn.
Though still I always feel music should have a background, it should be written to accompany something, be it a movie, a game, a play. In my opinion music should be accompanying a story of some kind, to make it come alive through music.

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