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my program crash when i use shaders

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Hi, my program works well on my radeon 9600 but when i execute exactly the same code on my mobility X700 the program crash when a load, compile,... a shader. If i put in commentary the line which load shaders it don't crash... Can you help me ? PS: i'm using visual C++ 7 (2003), glut, glew, sdl_image.

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In fact, i have found that it was because my graphics drivers is made for opengl 1.5, and my program for opengl 2.0. I have gone on ati web site and the acer notebook isn't managed by the notebook drivers from ati. I have gone the acer site too and its always opengl 1.5 drivers. How can i do ?

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In my opinion you bug is elsewhere; it's in your code.
A decent OpenGL driver should not crash the app.
Probably the extension is not supported and you are passing a NULL or invalid function pointer.

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ok so this is the function's code which make crash the program :

loadShader::loadShader(char *fileName1, char *fileName2)

GLuint vsh = glCreateShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER);
GLuint fsh = glCreateShader(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER);

loadStrings(fileName1) ;
//content=textFileRead(fileName1) ;
const char *cContent = content ;

ofstream oFile1("sortie shader1.txt");
oFile1<<cContent ;

glShaderSource(vsh, 1, &cContent, NULL);

loadStrings(fileName2) ;
//content2=textFileRead(fileName2) ;
const char *cContent2 = content ;

ofstream oFile2("sortie shader2.txt");
oFile2<<cContent2 ;

glShaderSource(fsh, 1, &cContent2, NULL);


GLuint ph = glCreateProgram();//program handler
glAttachShader(ph, vsh);
glAttachShader(ph, fsh);


int status=0 ;
glGetObjectParameterivARB(ph, GL_OBJECT_LINK_STATUS_ARB, &status);
cout<<"status "<<dec<<status<<endl ;


GLint infologLength = 0;
GLint charsWritten = 0;
GLchar *infoLog;

glGetObjectParameterivARB(ph, GL_OBJECT_INFO_LOG_LENGTH_ARB, &infologLength);

if (infologLength > 0)
cout<<"shader "<<infologLength<<endl ;
infoLog = (char *)malloc(infologLength);
glGetInfoLogARB(ph, infologLength, &charsWritten, infoLog);
ofstream oFile3("infoLogFile.txt");
oFile3<<infoLog ;
/*errCode = glGetError() ;
errString = gluErrorString(errCode) ;
cout<<"!!!opengl error shader loader "<<errString<<endl ;*/


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i forgot this one :

void loadShader::loadStrings(char *fileName)
ifstream file ;, ios::binary);

file.seekg(0, ios::end);

fileLength = file.tellg();
content = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char) * (fileLength+1));
//content = new char[fileLength + 1];
//memset(content, NULL, fileLength + 1);

file.seekg(0, ios::beg);, fileLength);

content[fileLength] = '\0' ;


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i have used a breakpoint and it crash at the first line in the function which load the shader :

GLuint vsh = glCreateShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER);

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I suppose you're passing a NULL pointer, too.
If the implemention of glCreateShader is not found in your driver, glCreateShader points to some place in memory where actually no function resides. You must set glCreateShader to NULL if it isn't found and check for this whenever you call the function:


for example.

Since ATI doesn't officially support Mobility Cards, that doesn't mean the ATI driver does not work with it, it just won't install out of the box. You need to either rewrite some .ini files or use the following tool:
DH Mod Tool

Get the newest Catalyst driver from the ATI website, extract the files from the setup file and use the tool. Then install.

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