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Is there a standard Tangent-Space?

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came across this problem trying to get normal mapping to work using my normal map generator to create a normal map from a hi-res onto a low-res mesh. the generation process works well but there are certain problems. for example if i have the legs of my dragon model then the tangents of those faces are not equal to the tangents of the body and blending them over (like i found it in tutorials) ends up with wrong situations (including 0-size tangents during interpolation). now i figured out that i will most probably not get around calculating a set of shared and not-shared tangents using the uv-coordinates from my mesh using an algorithme. this algo should not be that difficult (finding adjanctant faces in the texture) but before i head into this one i would like to inform myself if there is something like a standard tangent-space algorithme for such a case. i don't want to add an algo to my normal-map generator and then it is not really usefull for people. so far i did not find an algorithme in tutorials that has been able to tackle this problem of non-aligned tangents on faces touching each other but beeing separated in the uv-texture. ( what i mean with standard tangent-space is especially the way how you calculate the tangents for each face corner, not the theory behind tangent-space itself, that i have understood )

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