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I wanna put my game on this forum

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is there anyway I can post my game on this website. Its nothing much I am just a real rookie in C++, who made a small interactive horror story game. I just want to know is their anyway I can put it on the website

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You can upload it to any webspace as a zip archive or something like that, and post the link to the file on said webspace.

You have to use proper HTML when setting a link on these forums, though.

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Here's a quick guide on what you can do:

1 - Make your complete package a .Zip file. This is to let just about anyone extract the files. Not everyone uses WinRar!

2 - Find a place to host your game at. If you have your own web page, upload it there. If you don't have anywhere to put it, you can send me an email of the file and I can throw it on my University web space (as long as it's not huge).

3 - Take some screenshots of your game to give people a sense of what they are donwloading first. Easiest way is to hit "print screen" and paste into Paint. Then save the resulting files as .PNG files. If you have your own web page, upload them there, and if not, use a free Image hosting service, such as PutFile or ImageShack and save the URL's.

4 - Write up a quick description of your game and just some general info about it for a post. You can tell how long it took you, what language and libraries you used, just some facts and stuff, not too much.

5 - Create a post in the Your Announcments forum. You will want to add in the description you made in #4, then the screen shots, and finally the download link.

So here's a quick template:

Subject: My Horror Game

[Description and Info]
I am a rookie in C++, and I've made a small interactive horror story game....

Here are a few links to images of the game-
<a href="URL to Image Here">Image 1</a>
<a href="URL to Image Here">Image 2</a>

You can download the file here: <a href="Link to file">Game</a>

That's just one idea, you can just opt to write a few lines and put up the download link as well. After you post, you will just have to wait for feedback. GameDev has a general rule of waiting at least 6 hours before bumping, so wait a day or two before you try to bump the post if no one is responding. (Bump just means adding another post to make it go to the top of the active topics)

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