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Multiple light sources in shader

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I have to implement multiple lights support in my vertex shader. My problem is that I haven't decided how to pass multiple light information into FX effect file. Is it better to create several global variables like this float4 lightDiffuse1 :LIGHT1DIFFUSE; float4 lightDiffuse2 :LIGHT2DIFFUSE; float4 lightDiffuse3 :LIGHT3DIFFUSE; or maybe there's an option of creating an array (does FX support them?). And which version of vertex shader supports for operator? Thank you

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Hi there tokaplan,
How are you doing?

The Problem
Rendering multiple lights in a shader.

The Solution
Look at this post about lights in shaders.
Ok, Well I would have a light manager that has the active amount of lights in the scene, each of these lights have a position, direction (if needed), color, and color and other components I am not listing :). I would then in my shader have a pass for each light. Although this might be load intensive it makes switching lights on and off easier. For the number of lights you just render a next pass giving it the next light from your light manager.

I hope this helps a bit.

Take care tokaplan.

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