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'myClass::map':missing storage-class or type specifiers?!

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Hi For some reason i cannot create a map in my class... i declare a vector right under it and the vector works. I'm using namespace sd; so i have no clue why my map doesn't work :( my little class:
#pragma once
#include "ngMaterial.h"
#include "BaseMesh.h"
using namespace std;

typedef struct _CBATCH_ 
CBaseMesh *pMesh;
ngMaterial mat;

//typedef std::vector<Cbatch> batchList;

class ngRenderer

	map<int,vector<CBatch>> sortedBatches;
	vector<Cbatch> batches;
	void render();
	void addMesh(CBaseMesh *pMesh,ngMaterial mat);

What's wrong with this? regards, m4gnus

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Check the capitalisation of CBatch and also add a space inbetween the closing angle brackets (map<int,vector<CBatch> >).


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Oh yeah (duh) should've seen the two closing angle brackets...


should be:

map<int,vector<CBatch> >

otherwise, you have the right-shift operator '>>'

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