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[.net] Loading Specific Fonts

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Is there an easy way to package a TrueType (.ttf) font file with my game and load that file in such a way that I can display it in all the .Net controls and also using Graphics.DrawString?

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I'm not sure if you can do it using only .NET, but the Win32 way involves calling AddFontResourceEx with the font filename and FR_PRIVATE, after which you can create the font as if it were installed in the fonts folder. You can get the P/Invoke definition here.

All the relevant code in C# (untested):

static extern int AddFontResourceEx(string lpszFilename, uint fl, IntPtr pdv);

const uint FR_PRIVATE = 0x10;

Font MyLoadFont()
AddFontResourceEx("myfont.ttf", FR_PRIVATE, IntPtr.Zero);
return new Font("My Font Name", 8.2f);

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