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Radiosity Shadow Mapping with Render Frams?

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So I'm getting to a point in my game where I need to start thinking about how to do the lighting. From what I've seen, it takes obscene amounts of time to calculate radiosity for small areas. The problem is that the model that needs lighting caculations done to it is huge. To give some perspective, it takes about 10 minutes to "walk" from one side of the map to the other in game. Maybe longer. Right now the poly count is up to about 30,000 which is relatively small, but I anticipate that it will soon reach the 100 thousands range. There were probably be a couple hundred light sources as well. So as you can see, the map is huge and will take a lot of time to calculate. So my problem is that I don't have 3 days to waste on rendering shadows only to notice that I forgot to activate a light. Is there a way to render the shadow maps using a render farm of some sort? Is it efficient and what would be optimal network conditions? Any other suggestions would be helpful also.

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