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c++, How to get the size of an bmp, im using LoadImage...

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Hi, with c++, I'm loading an image like so:
//Load img
HANDLE img = LoadImage(hInstance, "image.bmp", IMAGE_BITMAP, 0, 0, LR_LOADFROMFILE);
HDC imgDc = CreateCompatibleDC(GetDC(hWnd));
SelectObject(imgDc, img);

//When finished

How would I get the width and height of the bitmap that I am loading shown above? Also does my code above look correct, like have i cleaned up the memory etc properly? Thanks

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Ever heard of Google? Really, maybe you should try a bit harder to solve problems by yourself, at least looking at your posting history it seems that way.

GetObject (_hBitmap, sizeof (bm), & bm);
width = bm.bmWidth;
height = bm.bmHeight;

This is what I found somewhere with google, I haven't tested it but it should be correct.

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