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Samurai Jack

BoundChecker 7.2 Whoes

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Greetings! I tried the Bound Checker 7.2 Memory Leak detection tool for Visual Studio yesterday, and I was very disappointed. An empty program a la "WINMAIN return 0;" produces from 128 bytes till 2K of memory leaks. How comes?! I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003. The same was under the intel compiler. In debug mode my EMPTY program leaks for 128 bytes and in Release additional 2048 bytes are leaking. The _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks() command shows nothing. If I allocate 4 kilos and leave them undestroyed, the statistics increase for additional 4 Kilos (128bytes + 4K) which should be OK, but why that 128 bytes and why that additional 2K in release?! Thank you in advance!

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What project did you exactly choose?
I just tested, created an empty win32 project and just added this:

#include <windows.h>


return 0;


Shows me no memory leaks at all.

Beware though: BoundsChecker likes to list static variables as leaks sometimes; and i have to agree with them: If BoundsChecker is not sure about the nature of a memory block being a leak or not, i'd rather have them listed.

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