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Your help is great! I don-t know it about wrap and clamo, but can be useful! I think clamp will erase all pixels with texture coordinates bigger than 1??? And wrap will give for a pixel textures value (1.2,1.6) --> (0.2,0.6)?? Is that true? I want to know..if I can give to the pixel shader values for coordinates textures bigger than 1. For example. If I defined a quad ... the upper-left corner have (u,v) = (0.3, 0) and for the upper right corner (u,v) = (1.3, 0 ) And if the image is of dimension 10 on the size x... will the interpolator give me the next values ?? (0.4, 0) (0.5, 0) (0.6, 0) (0.7, 0) (0.8, 0) (0.9, 0) (1.0, 0) (1.1, 0) (1.2, 0) This is just what I,m looking for!!! Thanks for all your suggestions!!

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