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Ultimate Unwrap 3d Convertion please

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Hello , I looked everywhere for a place to introduce myself , unfortunately i found none .So here i start with basic details followed by my so precious question :D Name : Elgan Country : France Town : Paris Age : 24 Passtime : Medal Of Honor, modding , scripting :D --------------------------------------------------- Here is my question : Does any one own Ultimate unwrap 3d and convert just 1 model from .sod (armada fleet stra trek) to .3ds.Mailed the author of the ship and i remain without any answers for 2 weeks now :s.... I ve downloaded the demo but i cant export so if a charitable soul could do it for me, i will greatly appreciate :D Thanks for your help Pm me [Edited by - elgan on September 7, 2005 2:15:13 PM]

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