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Unity What to choose for a school project?

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Its time to start now and it should be finished in february. One possibility is to make a simple 3D engine but given the time frame It couldn't get to advanced. Ive been hacking around with C++ and OpenGL for some time now, made a NeHe tutorial and some simple Renderers but haven't made any large project besides a IRC-like chat system in Java. So I have a good grasp of 3D graphics, but haven't got much project-programming exprience (have just recently finished reading my Design Patterns book). My second idea is a Window Manager for X11/Linux. It wouldn't be as much work as a 3D engine but I haven't got much experience with X11 (quite frankly I dislike it. Is there anyone who does enjoy programming with Xlib? Its even worse then Win32!) so there would be alot of API-learning trouble and personally I think that is the worse kind of programming trouble. Designing a good renderer interace can be tricky but it sure hell beats learning how to load a shared library. Also Im a bit shocked that no-one has written any WM-programming tutorial, I would gladly do it if I knew how to make one :P . I dislike pretty much everyone WM in some way just like Strife ( ) and have alot of ideas. My third idea is a file manager. Again I can't say that im satisfied with any FM ive ever tried (both Windows and Linux ones). The least crappy one is probally Total Commander and the definatly worst one is the absolutly HORRIBLE XFCE FM. Any ideas/comments/rants?

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I think you would have to give us a better idea of the requirements for us to give any useful input. I, of course, still have some ideas:

Write an extremely simple virtual machine and a way to "code" for it. Allow the user to code for it in your own dialect of assembly language.

Make a text adventure scripting language.

MaKe a 1337 MMoRPGRTSBBQ!!!!!!1!111! Lol!

I wish my school had programming classes... *goes to code by himself in a corner*

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The 3D engine would of course be the most fun and probably easiest given the amount of resources. You'll probably create something which you would want to build upon and improve later on as well.

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Idea #1: Simple 3d Game engine, now we are talking. Besides the fact that there are hundreds of models to look at as well as plentiful articles/tutorials on this subject, you should not have any trouble finding information. Now as for the use of making your own 3D engine, you'd want to also make a game that uses it - otherwise you'd never know how good or bad the engine is itself. More importantly, you can narrow it down and make a specific 3D game engine for a specific type of game, such as a 3D platform game, or a 3D shooter similar to Galaga or one of my favorites, Gyruss. The possibilites are endless and it can get very fun if you go about it with the right attitude.

Idea #2:
quite frankly I dislike it

Then don't even consider it. The last thing you want to do is have a project that involves something that you do not like. Period!

Idea #3: A file manager? Well if you have an idea of what to do, then be my guest. I know I would not even know where to start to make my own file manager. Looking though a quick Google search of an example FM, it looks like you'd be programming a better "Windows Explorer" more or less on the Windows Platform. Boring! Better yet, it'd also be quite cool when you are testing it out and it ends up deleting your important files /end sarcasm.

I think it's clear which one I'd vote for if I had to do this project [smile] Good luck on your decision and project!

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In my opinion if this is a school thing you want to thing about what you end goals are after leaving? Do you want to be a game developer? if so... are perspective employers going to be /that/ impressed with a file manager? or would they rather see a 3D engine (even the basics of one?). I think the answer to that is self evident. So if I were you, i'd sit down and have a serious think about what you want to be doing when you leave, and then develop something that you can take to them as a demo? If you want to do something non-programming related, then just do what you think you will get the most out of, or enjoy the most... you always learn easier if your enjoying what your doing.

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This topic is 4484 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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