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Choppy SDL mouse input

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Here is my camera rotate-by-mouse function:
void Camera::setViewByMouse(dimension2d<unsigned int> screenSize, vector2di vMousePos) {				
	int middleX = screenSize.width  >> 1;			
	int middleY = screenSize.height >> 1;				
	float angleY = 0.0f;							
	float angleZ = 0.0f;							
	static float currentRotX = 0.0f;
	if((vMousePos.x == middleX) && (vMousePos.y == middleY)) 
	angleY = (float)((middleX - vMousePos.x))/1000.0f;		
	angleZ = (float)((middleY - vMousePos.y))/1000.0f;		

	currentRotX -= angleZ;  

	if(currentRotX > 1.45f) {
		currentRotX = 1.45f;
	else if(currentRotX < -1.45f) {
		currentRotX = -1.45f;
	else {
		vector3df vAxis = (m_vTarget - m_vPos).crossProduct(m_vUp);

		rotateView(angleZ, vAxis.x, vAxis.y, vAxis.z);
		rotateView(angleY, 0, 1, 0);
	SDL_WarpMouse(middleX, middleY);

I get the cursor location with (in a seperate class):

	           	m_vMousePos.x = event.motion.x;

				m_vMousePos.y = event.motion.y;

But the results are very choppy. The framerate is over 100 the whole time, so it has nothing to do with the framerate. Any ideas?

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