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Liscence cost for a 3DS importer

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Hi there. I'm explaining the situation. I have a friend that work for a construction company. Here in montreal, a big Cie. He is in charge of the network and programming littles game for the fundation of the company. I help him a LOT to create a game in opengl and c++. From that he built his own little engine. Terrain, etc. For loading model from 3d studio I made a library that convert 3ds into .dko (my format, faster at loading) and .dkt (texture, bump map, specular map, self illumination map, detail map, etc). So he can easily load model, place them in the world and perform fast collision detection with them. My lib can also render stencil shadow and cell shading. and soon animation with skinning mesh and bones. (I'm working on that) But I didnt charge anything to the company since it was for a children fundation. But now, his boss see the result loading a model from autocad (hydro central they made). So he got the idea to use this software to show to the client the final result of the plans. With a better look than in autocad ;) He also want to sell it to others company. So now, I have to think to charge a liscence fee for my DKO. Without it, they cannot load any models from autocad and 3d studio. So the software is just a terrain with nothing else :| So the question is : How can a 3ds importer like this with all the feature describe here should cost??? The price for a single unit. And the price to make them available to re-sell it with their software. Thanks.

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