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[web] Export Query Results to downloadable .CSV

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Hey geniuses, Im working on an page, where (hopefully) a user can click a button/link, which will execute the query and save the results to a downloadable .CSV file, or directly to their PC. Is there an easy way for this to be done? It sounds like a pretty common-place task and being the inexperienced web developer that I am, I thought I would ask if anyone new how to go about this quickly and easily. If youd rather not go into it, but do know of some good online resources to visit, I would be just as obliged! Thanks in advance

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For anyone keeping score, Ive figured it out:
A nice explanation from the ever trusty W3schools

The answer lies within using a FileSystemObject;

After setting and opening the Oracle DB connection string, I loaded the data into a recordset (update) and looped through printing the query results:

Set Update=Conn.Execute(sqlText)

Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

set tfile = fs.CreateTextFile(Server.MapPath("Market_Extract.csv"))

Do Until Update.EOF
tfile.WriteLine (Update("NPA" ) & " ," & Update("NXX" ))

Hope this helps someone has to do this same task. Good luck!

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