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Forces on a Rope Given Length

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Hey Everybody! I've been toying not so much with actually producing a game lately, as much as refining my ability to create algorithms for simple to complicated problems. This one is simple, but I still can't figure it out. Here goes: Ok think about a rope with a knot on the end; You have a defined head and several sections that are connected. Now take that rope and spin it. I'm trying to mathematically reproduce this motion for use in a game later. Heres my perception of it. I'm thinking that if you think of the knot as the center, and then think of every point on the rope orbiting the center (of course as you move down the rope, the radius of that orbit increases). So then you can take this center and move it around and swing it. Would this rope of say, 10 sections, still look semi realistic and would it model real world physics? As you all can tell, my thoughts on this are cloudy and not well defined to boot. Looking for a little algorithmic help, Thanks in Advance toXic1337

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