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InternetSetStatusCallback() returning NULL

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I'm trying to run WinINet functions asynchronously within a class called FileDownloadManager. In the class declaration (FileDownload.h), I've got the following definition:
//Handle to an internet session
HINTERNET m_hInternet;

//Callback function for handling internet download messages
static void __stdcall s_internet_callback_func( HINTERNET hInternet,
    DWORD_PTR dwContext,
    DWORD dwInternetStatus,
    LPVOID lpvStatusInformation,
    DWORD dwStatusInformationLength );

//Pointer to the callback function

In the class definition (FileDownload.cpp), I use the following:
//Start up an internet session
m_hInternet = InternetOpen("MyWinINet",

m_ISCallback = InternetSetStatusCallback( m_hInternet,
    (INTERNET_STATUS_CALLBACK)s_internet_callback_func );

When I debug through the code, the m_hInternet handle gets set up just fine. However, when I make the call to InternetSetStatusCallback, the function always returns NULL. The docs say that a NULL returned from InternetSetStatusCallback means that the status callback function was not previously defined. I don't understand this--I've clearly defined s_internet_callback_func in the class declaration. Am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate any insight on how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance!

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Returns the previously defined status callback function if successful, NULL if there was no previously defined status callback function, or INTERNET_INVALID_STATUS_CALLBACK if the callback function is not valid.

Yes, it must return NULL at first. Just developed the same class.
Are you receiving errors that callback function is not set?

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Oh I GET IT now. I had not submitted any callback functions to any previous calls to InternetSetStatusCallback, so it would return a NULL indicating that there was no previously submitted callback function. It still accepts the function that I gave it.

Geez the docs were confusing on that one.

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