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I need export 1 to N animation in one .x file. I can do this whit 3dsmax5 and PANDA?

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The easiest way to do this is to first export all of the animations seperately, and than combine them in mesh viewer.

Although that can be time consuming, so I would recommend writing a tool that loads the original mesh and allows you to load animation sets:

1.) Load the hierarchy of your model with a single animation.
2.) Clone the original controller in order to support n+1 animation sets.
3.) Load the seperate animation .X files using LoadHierarchy and than clone those animation sets and add them to the original controller.
4.) SaveHierarchy to the file, and than you have your model with all animations saved.

Hope that helps a little more.

EDIT: lol I already answered this.. deja vu :)

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