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articles on key-based software protections

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Hi, I seek articles describing the in and out of how to protect ** efficiently ** a software using a serial key. Any headers, gentlemen? Thanks in advances.

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If you want some help, how about giving us an idea about what kind of software your writing and who might want it. Its hard to suggest a protection method whtn you don't know who the users are and how likely they are to -pirate- your software.

The reason I ask this is because "efficient" software protection could mean many things.


Your program simply accepts a key. This could ship with the software.

Example: Windows 98

One problem is, no matter what level of protection you offer, once someone has a serial then nothing stops them from giving it out. Also your keys could be collected and someone could just figure out your algorithm and produce “new” keys.

A better solution:

You could have your program generate a system ID, one that is based on certain information unique to the client (Name, Hardware in the client computer), and then must be given back to you (e-mail, web form, phone, ...)

From that you could generate the unlock key...

Example: WinAmp (generated based on user name)

The problem with this is, your using some sort of algorithm, so once someone has a few known keys they could mimic yours.


Using either of the previous 2 solutions, each time the program is loaded the software checks a server(yours) for authorization to run. This lets you keep a database of valid keys in use.

Example: Windows XP / BattleNet (I believe)

Problem: User must have internet connectivity. Harder to manipulate, but not unheard of; someone could just watch the data coming back from your server and “fake it” and setup their own authorization server/service.

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