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Hello, I just got SDL_gfx, but there's a problem. I don't know how to use the built-in framerate regulator (SDL_Framerate.h). It's completely undocumented from what I can see, so I don't know what functions to call within my code to use it. Can anybody tell me how to use it? Thanks in advance, ukdeveloper.

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It's actually fairly easy.

First thing you need to do is create an FPSmanager (the structure can be found in SDL_framerate.h).

So then call SDL_initFramerate(), before your main game loop. Pass your FPS manager dealy-o to it so it can set up all the values for your new manager.

You can then set the target framerate using the SDL_setFramerate method. The default is 30, so you dont really have to worry about this if you dont want to.

Anyway, during the game loop, or more specifically at the end or beginning of the loop, call SDL_framerateDelay(). This will loop until your framerate is met, or just do nothing if you are running under 30 fps.

So here is an example..

// start program

FPSmanager * manex;

SDL_initFramerate( manex );
// you want the top framerate to be 60 for example
SDL_setFramerate( manex, 60 );
while (loop)
// process your graphics, ai, sound, etc here

SDL_framerateDelay( manex );

That is very basic, and I dont reccomend using the SDL_framerate stuff. It delays processing, which is never good. Used motion based framerate caps...the way above wastes CPU time.

I hope that helped..i've never actually used it, i just looked at the .c and .h file.

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Hiya :)

Found this post on Google while looking for the SDL_gfx framerate manager, and its perfect for what i was after, except I'm intrigued by c-gibson-s's comment on a motion based framerate cap, can anyone elaborate on that?


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HERE A post I made in this very board, a couple down from your post. I've found it very helpful... not to say I think I've cracked it yet.
There are some articles on this site too and the web is full of them from what I've found. Seems it isn't as simple than it is at first look.

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