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How to create Text in directx9

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Hi, i have been trying to find out a way to create text in directx 9, i went to msdn and there is the ID3DXFONT interface, and to create it you use D3DXCreateFont or another function (cant remember name). The problem is whenever i try to use this function within my c++ program, whenever i try to compile it, it says D3DXCreateFont does not take 12 paramters. The reason why that is a problem is because there is 12 parameters on the stated on msdn, so im stuck :(. Heres the msdn page: HRESULT WINAPI D3DXCreateFont( LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice, INT Height, UINT Width, UINT Weight, UINT MipLevels, BOOL Italic, DWORD CharSet, DWORD OutputPrecision, DWORD Quality, DWORD PitchAndFamily, LPCTSTR pFacename, LPD3DXFONT *ppFont ); msdn page and heres the error: C:\RyanSaved Data\Include\g11\GraphicsFunctions.cpp(68) : error C2660: 'D3DXCreateFont' : function does not take 12 parameters Error executing cl.exe. I might have missed something or using the wrong function, or even the wrong msdn page :). Thanks for any help.

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In my code that uses the older style d3dxfont, it works like this. You might want to see if this way compiles.

ZeroMemory(&lf, sizeof(D3DXFONT_DESC));
lf.Height = 0;
lf.Width = 0;
lf.Weight = 500;
lf.MipLevels = 0;
lf.Italic = false;

strcpy(lf.FaceName, "Times New Roman");
D3DXCreateFontIndirect(device, &lf, &_font);

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