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OpenGL vsxu coders wanted!

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Hey, we have a demo/visualization tool built entirely on openGL, including the GUI, engine and plugins. VSX Ultra is the name of this tool. It's a module-based system where you connect modules together to form effects and control them with sound - for those of you who know avs it's a bit like that, but also a bit like other tools like max and visualjockey for that matter. Performance is a lot better in our tool than these however. Anyway, you can see the application for yourself at We're a bunch of guys doing it for fun, so we're looking for other coders who might be interrested in developing modules for use with vsxu. The grand plan is to release plugins for winamp and maybe windows media player to begin with, so your modules would be put to good use. This is continuing our history with music visualizations that started with the Sonique media player, went on to VSX and now a completely new VSX Ultra. So we've been doing music visuals (and lately demoscene demos) as a hobby for about 6 years.. So, what tools do you need and what skills do you need? Currently we're in need of module developers. Modules are very straightforward to develop and are developed with Dev C++ which is opensource and free. The way you handle openGL is very straightforward, setting up the context is already done, you just put your openGL commands in the run() method, define a name and some parameters for the module and off you go :) I also think this is a very good learning environment for those of you that are new to openGL programming.. a lot of openGL commands are already builtin so you can test your code with different openGL states and manipulate all in realtime. Here is a small list of modules we could use help with: - simple modules that draw the glut builtin primitives (sphere, box, teapot..) - mesh generators (sphere, torus you name it!) - mesh crunchers - modules that modify a mesh in some way - midi input - texture/bitmap generators - sonique visual plugin importer - freeframe wrapper And perhaps you have a few ideas of your own - sky's the limit :) If you wanna help out (would be really cool!) look at the developer version of VSX Ultra - also found at, download DevC++ and start hacking! We'd love to hear some feedback on the API and so on if you feel like it.. Either in our irc channel (#vovoid on or here or in our own forum.. If you read this far, thanks for your time :) Here are 2 screenshots btw: kaleidoscope And the setup in the editor: interface

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