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OpenGL Fullscreen OpenGL application for Linux

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Hi! I try to write an OpenGL application for Linux. Now I want to switch into fullscreen mode, but I can not find any information about that. The problem is that I don't want to use GLUT or any other libraries but directly the Xlib. At the moment my code looks like that:
XVisualInfo *visualInfo; 
Colormap colorMap; 
XSetWindowAttributes setWindowAttributes; 
GLXContext openGLContext;
XEvent event; 
GLboolean needRedraw = GL_FALSE, recalcModelView = GL_TRUE; 
int32 tmp;

int32 attributes[] = {GLX_RGBA, GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER, None};
visualInfo = glXChooseVisual(displayHandle, DefaultScreen(displayHandle), attributes);
openGLContext = glXCreateContext(displayHandle, visualInfo, None, GL_TRUE);
colorMap = XCreateColormap(displayHandle, RootWindow(displayHandle, visualInfo->screen), visualInfo->visual, AllocNone);

setWindowAttributes.colormap = colorMap;
setWindowAttributes.border_pixel = 0;
setWindowAttributes.event_mask = ExposureMask | KeyPressMask | StructureNotifyMask;

// Create the window
XWindow openGLWindow = XCreateWindow(displayHandle, RootWindow(displayHandle, visualInfo->screen), 0, 0, resX, resY, 0, visualInfo->depth, InputOutput, visualInfo->visual, CWBorderPixel | CWColormap | CWEventMask, &setWindowAttributes);
XSetStandardProperties(displayHandle, openGLWindow, "ERC05 Engine", "OpenGL", None, NULL, 0, NULL);
glXMakeCurrent(displayHandle, openGLWindow, openGLContext);
XMapWindow(displayHandle, openGLWindow);

Who can help me? [Edited by - phantom on September 10, 2005 3:55:22 AM]

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I think the trick is probably just to create a fullscreen window with the relevant window manager hints to tell it to not add any decorations.

To change resolution however, you need to use something like the XF86VidMode extension.

I recommend you use a library to sort all this malarky out as it's going to be fairly difficult to get right otherwise - GLFW is my personal favourite.


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You can either take a look at GLFW mentioned above, or Daedalus (in my sig), which is somewhat based on the GLFW base code. I'm not sure off the top of my head if Daedalus supports fullscreen at a different resolution, but I think it does.

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Thank you. I used XF86VidMode which works well. I have just one more problem now: The title bar of the window is displayed even in fullscreen mode. How can I create a window without a title bar (and without any kind of border)?

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Unlike the others, I'm not going to ignore your request and suggest you use another library. Instead, I'm going to point you back to markr's post and explain it a little better. The 'decorations' is basically the window style. The Win32 API's windows and Java's windows require you to set the window's style to make it borderless, and I'm guessing Xlib is no different. Check the headers (or documentation) on changing the window style, and you should find a solution.

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