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Mr Lane

Text File Parsing

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Hello, I am writing a parser for my text based file format, and am getting into knots: its getting so damn complex, especially when I want to deal with whitespace I need loops everywhere. This is what the format looks like:
Right now I am using a combination of fscanfs() and fgetc() and its becomming very complex. Is there a better way to go about all this? I am reading straight out of the file into my data structures, rather than writing the file to an array in mem then scanning through that. I dont think that would make things nay easier. Thanks Any ideas?

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The standard approach is to first write an underlying 'lexer' which takes care of identify the basic language components (integers, identifiers, single characters) and handles whitespace/comments automatically.

So basically you'd an interface kind of like this:
struct token {
enum {
} type;

const char *idValue;
signed intValue;
char charValue;

token parseToken();
Often you'll need lookahead too, i.e. the ability to push back the last parsed token back onto the stream.
This is pretty much what lex/flex does for you anyway. And for relatively simple languages like this it should be fairly easy to write it manually.

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