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CGAL, convex hull

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Im trying to use CGAL to compute a convex hull for to use in occulsion test, the seems to work, but I cant figure out how to get the points/verts. this is what I got so far..

typedef CGAL::Homogeneous<RT>		K;
typedef K::Point_3			Point_3;
typedef CGAL::Convex_hull_traits_3<K>	Traits;
typedef Traits::Polyhedron_3		Polyhedron_3;
typedef std::list<Point_3>		pointlist;

bool CGALTEST(void)
  pointlist points_in;
  points_in.push_back(Point_3(0, 0, 0));
  points_in.push_back(Point_3(3, 4, 0));
  //and so on....

  CGAL::Object ch_object;

  CGAL::convex_hull_3(points_in.begin(), points_in.end(), ch_object);

    return false;

  return true;

I want to get the points/verts from "ch_object" and put the in a list of my own vertex format, for exampel struct vertex { float x,y,z; } How do I do this? Polyhedron_3 polyhedron; CGAL::assign(polyhedron, ch_object); perhaps, but how do I use the Polyhedron_3? /Luger

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Something like this perhaps:

// Retrieve the triangles
Traits::Point_3 p1, p2, p3;
Traits::Vector_3 normal;
Polyhedron_3::Facet_iterator f;
Polyhedron_3::Halfedge_handle current;
for ( f = polyhedron.facets_begin(); f != polyhedron.facets_end(); f++ )
// Get the three triangle points
current = f->halfedge();
p1 = current->vertex()->point();
p2 = current->next()->vertex()->point();
p3 = current->next()->next()->vertex()->point();

// Compute the face normal
normal = CGAL::cross_product(p1-p2, p1-p3);

// Prepare a triangle
CPoint ptNormal = CPoint( to_double( normal.x() ), to_double( normal.y() ), to_double( normal.z() ) );
CPoint ptA = CPoint( to_double( p1.x() ), to_double( p1.y() ), to_double( p1.z() ) );
CPoint ptB = CPoint( to_double( p2.x() ), to_double( p2.y() ), to_double( p2.z() ) );
CPoint ptC = CPoint( to_double( p3.x() ), to_double( p3.y() ), to_double( p3.z() ) );

// Add a triangle
CTriangle tri;
tri.m_ptVertices[0] = ptA; tri.m_ptNormals[0] = ptNormal;
tri.m_ptVertices[1] = ptB; tri.m_ptNormals[1] = ptNormal;
tri.m_ptVertices[2] = ptC; tri.m_ptNormals[2] = ptNormal;
m_vTriangles.push_back( tri );



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