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Question on J2ME RMS

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I need to program application that use huge RMS so anyone know how many bytes RMS allow us to store. is it call Heap size?? or doesn't given from phone manufacturer?? is it shared with other application or just allocate for one application?? Thank you for yours help Neon

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That's a hard question to answer. The specs are not very clear, and all that's required is that there is at least 8KB of persistent memory:
Originally from Databases and MIDP, Part 1: Understanding the Record Management System
The amount of memory available for record-based data storage varies from device to device. The MIDP specification requires devices to reserve at least 8K of non-volatile memory for persistent data storage. The specification does not place any limits on the size of an individual record, but space constraints will vary from device to device. RMS provides methods for determining the size of an individual record, the total size of a record store, and how much memory for data storage remains. Remember that persistent memory is a shared, scarce resource, so be frugal in its use.

And it's not very clear if that's 8KB per application, or for all the applications. So don't be surprised if you see devices with very little space. You can use methods like RecordStore.getSizeAvailable() to check beforehand if you have enough space, and you can catch Exceptions, but that will only allow you to fail gracefully.

In short, an application that needs a lot of RMS space is not such a great idea. You could probably add an option to upload the data to the web for safe-keeping.


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