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Retrieving ODBC Settings.

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I'm having some issues grabbing ODBC Settings. First off I need to present a user with the options to select thier DSN, Server, UID, PWD, and Database settings. I have come up with a way using the SQLBrowseConnect function to obtain the Server and Database information I need. Therefore, I have a semi working version of the program. I just need a way to make the program a little more user friendly/fool-proof. I know that there is an option in the ODBC settings to set an default database. I need a way of retrieving this setting and the default server as well. Lastly I would like to turn a text box I am currently using for the DSN name into a dropdown box that contains a list of all available DSNs. What functions are available to help me poll this list? I'm really just interested in those DSN's listed under System DSNs in the Data Source (ODBC). See the below aeticle for the example I used to model my program thrus far: Let me know if I was not clear in my explains. Any help would be appreciated. Bill

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FYI: I cross posted this to a Microsoft Newsgroup and got this response:


Subject: Re: Retrieving ODBC Settings. 9/12/2005 5:52 PM PST

By: Sue Hoegemeier In: microsoft.public.sqlserver.odbc

You can retrieve the specific settings for a DSN as well as
the existing DNSs by reading the registry - that's where
they are all stored. Check the following key:


Thought that maybe someone would be interested in the answer to my question.

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