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using .Net components in managed C++

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Hi, I came across a problem where I have to use a class created in C#.Net in C++. I created a class having the following implementation in c#,

using System;

namespace component
	public class Component
		public Component()

		public void Display()

Then using regasm.exe program I registered the dll as COM. Now I needed to use it in my C++ code. I did the following but I was unable to compile the code. I also added the reference of the created COM component.


const IID IID_Component = {0xA40173F5,0xAE73,0x3E99,{0xBE,0x61,0x52,0x8E,0x8B,0xAA,0xE0,0x8B}}; // This,I looked up from registry

int main(void)

	IUnknown * unknown;
	IUnknown * comp; 

	CoCreateInstance(IID_Component,NULL,CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,IID_Component,(LPVOID *)&unknown);

	unknown->QueryInterface(IID_Component,(void **)&comp);


	return 0;

I got the following error d:\main\main\main.cpp(17): error C2039: 'Display' : is not a member of 'IUnknown' I have worked in C++ but haven't done this kind of thing before, so please if I am doing something wrong here please guide me. thanks, Bye.

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