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Testers wanted for 4E4 entry.

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Mods: If you prefer, move this to a better forum. I'm working, as many will know, on an RTS game for the 4E4 contest. It's in 3D with a 3D terrain but the view is similar to classic games like Command&Conquer: Red Alert, Total Annhilation etc. The project is well underway and I have a good artist/modeller on board as well as a 2nd programmer. I am looking for some serious testers who will be able to test over the period from now to the contest ends. Not exhaustive testing to take hours and hours, but just using the application. Not hundreds of builds, maybe one every few days. Initially the tests will just be to check it actually runs on your machines and nothing odd happens with the graphics; gameplac mechanics and eventually tuning will need testing as the deadline approaches. 4E4 entrants are currently barred from being testers. Not that I can do much about it! Please post here rather than emailing or using PM - I suppose up to 10 people is about right. Post your system(s)' specs please. Oh and for your interest (click to find a bigger version): [Edited by - d000hg on September 13, 2005 7:30:26 AM]

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Count me in. [smile]

Running on a:
- Intel Pentium4 2.53GHz
- 1024 MiB DDR RAM
- ATI Radeon 9700 / 256 MiB
- Creative SoundBlaster Live!
- Windows XP Pro SP2

Anything else you'd like to know?

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I would like to give you a helping hand. I'm a good player of RTS games, also I understand their mechanics good enough ;)

- Barton 2600,
- 512 RAM
- Radeon 9600XT 256MB,
- Win XP SP2

don't forget
...mouse and keyboard ;)

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I can give a current version a basic run just to see that it works framerate-wise on a fairly average level hardware setup, but I can't promise any more then that.

System Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.8 GHz
NVidia GeForce 6600 256MB AGP
Onboard Sound

Good luck on the contest!

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Thanks guys, I'll contact you and anyone else who replies in the next couple of days with some more details of the project.
If anyone has an old machine, perhaps a second PC, which is closer to the contest's minimum specs then please sign up... I'm developing on a 750MHz machine with a GF2 (and sometimes a TNT2) and I want to check equivalently old/powerful ATI cards etc.

I'd kind of like in theory to create some sort of NDA what with this being for the contest and all, but I guess getting everyone to promise not to disclose certain things is about all that can sensibly be done - and not accepting anyone who acts like a moron on GameDev, but since nobody so far interested has a rating of like 400 that is hopefully not a factor!

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I would like to be a tester too, I have a laptop, which could account for a different type of machine.

Pentium-M 1.6ghz
512mb DDR333
NVidia GeForce 6600 128mb
60gb 4200rpm Hard Drive (quite slower than desktop drives)
Integrated SoundMax
Windows XP Pro SP2

That's it.

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