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Loosing keyboard control of 3d window

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I’m launching a non-mfc window from an mfc application; basically creating the window myself and handling all the messages. Anyway I want the window to be like a popup window that doesn’t allow any others to be opened while the 3D window is opened. Also, if I click on anything outside the 3D window, while it’s opened, and then click back to the 3D window (regaining the focus) I loose all keyboard control – no keyboard action is registered anymore. The code for launching my window is show here:
	MSG msg;
    HWND hWnd;

	HINSTANCE hInstance = _AtlBaseModule.GetModuleInstance();
	int       nCmdShow=1;

	msg.message = 0;
	// register the class

    //set up the screen in windowed or fullscreen mode?
    DWORD style;
    //else	        style = WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW | WS_POPUP;

	//CWindow gameWnd = new CWindow();
    //create a new window
    hWnd = CreateWindow(
       APPTITLE,				//window class
       APPTITLE,				//title bar
       style,					//window style
       CW_USEDEFAULT,			//x position of window
       CW_USEDEFAULT,			//y position of window
       SCREEN_WIDTH,			//width of the window
       SCREEN_HEIGHT,			//height of the window
       NULL,					//parent window
       NULL,					//menu
       hInstance,				//application instance
       NULL);					//window parameters
    if (!hWnd) return FALSE;	//was there an error creating the window?
    ShowWindow(hWnd, nCmdShow);	//display the window
    //Initialize: Direct3D
		ShowWindow(hWnd, 0);	//display the window
		return 0;

    //Initialize: DirectSound
    //if (!Init_DirectSound(hWnd))
    //    MessageBox(hWnd, "Error initializing DirectSound", "Error", MB_OK);
    //    return 0;

    //Initialize: DirectInput
    if (!Init_DirectInput(hWnd))
        MessageBox(hWnd, "Error initializing DirectInput", "Error", MB_OK);
        return 0;
	//Initialize: GAME
    if (!Game_Init(hWnd))
        MessageBox(hWnd, "Error initializing the game", "Error", MB_OK);
        return 0;

	// ------------------------------------
    // Main Message Loop (START)
	// ------------------------------------
	while (msg.message != WM_QUIT)
        if (PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) 
		    TranslateMessage(&msg);	//decode and pass messages on to WndProc
            Game_Run(hWnd);			//process game loop (else prevents running after window is closed)
	// ------------------------------------
    // Main Message Loop (END)
	// ------------------------------------

	return msg.wParam;

Does anybody have any ideas? Thank you very much, j

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Ok, so I figured this out; simple and stupid. When I'm creating the mouse and the keyboard input I WAS setting the cooperativelevel for the keyboard. Now I simply removed this and it works fine; that is it always has keyboard control even when the 3d view window does not have the focus. So I just got rid of this code:

result = dikeyboard->SetCooperativeLevel(hwnd, DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE | DISCL_FOREGROUND);
if (result != DI_OK)
return 0;

Thank you,


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