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3H-GDC m.III - Winner: eal!!!

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Sorry I was so slow responding. I worked on it a bit this afternoon, but I didn't have enough time to finish before my other commitments tonight. Without any further delay, here's the results of my judging:

Cracka Attack

This game probably caught my attention the most, and it feels the most completed. The difficulty really depends on the original position of the buildings, though; some setups were way too easy, and others killed me before I had gotten 100 crackers. Also, the in-game text displaying health and kills was very faint.

The mouth moved way too fast for this game to be playable for me. I could get some crackers, but it wasn't fun when I was just trying to hit the button for just the right amount of time.

I added 3 lines of code to slow it down to see how it would play more slowly. It was a lot better; you could get more crackers eaten that way and could concentrate on the fastest route to the most crackers instead of just the right keypresses.

This seems like a great idea, but sadly it’s not yet to the state where I would call it a game. I really like how the ship moves; I think if you added some asteroids or enemies you’d have a great little game. As it is, though, it needs more work.

I think this could have been an interesting game, but a few things totally killed the gameplay. The combination of the timings didn't work out well; the PC moves so slowly and there's a much larger delay between 'Oh noes' and the fart than the window stays open. I could tell that the 'Oh noes'-fart delay is random by observing the order of their actions, so as is it's challenging to play.

You could fix this by changing the delays and speeds, and it would be able to keep my attention much better that way.

1st - Cracka Attack
2nd - Crackers
3rd - CrackerChomper
4th - WindowCrackers

[P.S. As I'm typing this, I'm sitting outside with my laptop because a fire alarm went off in my dorm. Thank God for wireless internet.]

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The results are in!
eal!!! eal will receive a first release copy of Morning's Wrath by Ethereal Darkness Interactive. (pm me with your mailing information)

H_o_p_s already has a GDNet+ subscription, so he may opt for a 3 month extension or cash. (pm me with your choice)

Runners up: snaily and Binomine did an excellent job, but unfortunately receive nothing.

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Heh, thanks for the comments, I realized late last night that a last minute change to make things more challanging, changed the wrong states in bean eater's state machine. It's still 'playable' but almost impossible to win.

The game you're looking for, capn_midnight, is Tapper, not burger time, although it was only after I designed it that it reminded me of it.

Flash Tapper.

Thanks for the comments. I've learned how to attack the next contest. Maybe after a few, I'll be able to get closer to winning.

[Edited by - Binomine on September 20, 2005 7:16:29 PM]

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