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My Programming Portfolio Site Is Now Live!

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God made 1280x1024 screens for a reason, and that was not so people could build a website for compatibility with old, not very much used 640x480 screens. I personally cannot stand reading text in tight columns squashed together for no good reason, so I neglected actually noting the content you added. On the other hand, if the design were expanded a bit to take advantage of all this screen space I happen to have here, it would be quite nice looking, methinks. Thin columns with masses of wasted space might be good on blogs (which is debatable, because I think it sucks anywhere), but not on a normal website. Of course, as always, keep in mind that this is only my opinon [smile]

[EDIT] On second thought, it appears to be just about 650 px wide, so I guess it was designed for the next size up. With a lot of space wasted on the sides. Or something.


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