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Nice Coder

Making a simple chat server

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Ok, i've been thinking of making a simple chat server. Pretty much the client is telnet. (because you can't use anything else). you telnet in (with a link, ie. C:\Windows\System32\Telnet.exe some.random.ip) Then you log in. I keep a record of each person in an array of structures. It has the username, password, maybe the ip, and the channell there currently in. So, when they type something and hit enter, i can tell from which winsock controll they come from who they are, and i can look for others that are in the same channell, and send it all to them. This is just a very, very, very simple chat protocol. One thing i will do later is a per channell mode list. For eg. For channell1. Someguy +o (op) Random +b (banned) Would having a per ip ban list be better then a per account ban list? This probably wouldn't be between too many people, but we are basically sharing computers, and as such bans would be hard to inforce. Also, how would i store all the data? (This would be an ad hoc network running at work so i couldn't get a server to run it... ie. servers would probably be up for an hour then be off for the rest of the day). One thing to do after i've gotten the core working, is to figure out a way to connect up servers add hoc, without having too many netsplits. (is this possible?) I'm a noob at this stuff, so i would be gratefull for any help. From, Nice coder

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