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X11 true color

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Sry if this is a no-brainer, but how do you specify a RGB-color? XWS has apperently a very powerfull color-system that can work on anything from grayscale and palette colors to true 24-bits color. I don't want palette-colors since my program is only going to run on new computers anyway. Also I don't care if the colors won't be EXACTLY the same on different machines, I just want a damn true color!! *pulls his hair* Like for example in OpenGL:

glColor3f(0.5, 1.0f. 0.3);

Ive tried this but it doesn't seem to work
  win = XCreateSimpleWindow(display, RootWindow(display, screen_num),
                            x, y, width, height, win_border_width,

// et.c.

Would be really nice if someone could post a short program that draws a line with some arbitrary RGB-color. Greatfull for any reply.

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I have been spending the last few months writing a game using just XLib on a X11R6 (Irix 6.5) and doing colour in Xlib wasnt very obvious. Basically you will need to allocate a colour map from the xserver before you can switch to any colours.

By far the best way I have seen to do this is by asking the xserver for a colormap using the DefaultColormap() function. After doing this you will need to set the 'window' you are creating to use this colormap, I dont know if XCreateSimpleWindow() automatically uses the default colormap but I use XCreateWindow() which is a bit more drawn out code-wise but is great for doing all the manky bits in one hit :)
        Window 			win;
Display* display;
XVisualInfo visual_info;
int default_screen;
int default_depth;
Colormap default_cmap;
Visual *default_visual;
XSetWindowAttributes swa;

default_screen = DefaultScreen(display);
default_visual = DefaultVisual(display,default_screen);
default_depth = DefaultDepth(display,default_screen);
default_cmap = DefaultColormap(display,default_screen);

visual_info.visual = default_visual;

swa.background_pixel = BlackPixel(display,default_screen);
swa.event_mask = ExposureMask | StructureNotifyMask | KeyPressMask | ButtonPressMask;
swa.colormap = default_cmap;

win = XCreateWindow(
RootWindow(display, visual_info.screen),
0, 0, /* Spawn window at x,y (the xserver knows best) */
0, /* Border Width (again the xserver knows best) */
InputOutput, /* Class (InputOnly/InputOutput) */
CWBackPixel|CWEventMask|CWColormap, /* Value Masks */
XMapWindow(display, win);
XSetForeground(display, gc, WhitePixel(display,visual_info.screen));


/*for setting an 'RGB string' colour you will need something like this */

XColor fontcolor;

if(XParseColor(display, default_cmap, "rgb:EE/00/66", &fontcolor)){
XAllocColor(display, default_cmap,&fontcolor);
XSetForeground(display, gc, fontcolor.pixel);
} else {
printf("failed to allocate colour\n");

Sorry the code is a bit spotty I just cut bits of it out and removed my error_handling code. This should at least give you an idea of how it works.

I got these two Xlib books and I havent needed to google since :)

XLIB Reference Manual: Release 5.0 v.1

XLIB Reference Manual: Release 5.0 v.2

Hope this helps.

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Thx for the reply :) .
But what do you think about this? :

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Original post by BBB
Thx for the reply :) .
But what do you think about this? :

I have seen that way of doing it before, seems to be a common way to allocate colours. I don't know why you would do that instead of using the systems default colour map and then allocating the colours you need.

I have a small Isometric engine I am working on that uses pixmaps for rendering the tiles and I dont neede to allocated all the colours, I just use the DefaultColormap() then when set XpmAttibutes.colormap to the default_colormap when I read in each xpm ( using XpmReadFileToPixmap() ).

Sorry I dont know the definitive answer to why, I am still learning Xlib myself :)

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