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Shadow mapping with multiple lights and shaders

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Hi all, I am creating a little application that uses shadow mapping for shadows. One shadow works just fine, but I can't get my head around how to use multiple lights. I can create the shadowmaps and everything just fine. But there are a few issues bugging me. 1. How should the contributions of each light be combined to get correct shadows (darker when overlapping) and correct specular highlights. 2. Is there a way to allow one shader (Cg shader) to work with an arbitrary number of lights? For example when adding/removing lights from the scene? Or do I need to write a shader for every number of lights? If you guys/girls have any suggestions I would like to hear them. I think it might be quite simple, but for some reason I can't come up with an idea. Ah well, that happens sometimes. Oh, and are there any demo applications you know of that show such a multi-lights shadowmapping implementation? Thanks in advance. Yarniso

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The simplest approach is to do a 'pass per light' where you basically follow these steps for each light:

for each light
render your shadow map for the light
set up your scene to be rendered with this light and it's shadow map
render your scene, adding the contribution to whats already in the framebuffer
end for

Basically, you can simply additively blend each light into the scene and it will look OK. Remember you might also want ambient / emissive rendering passes outside that loop.

Once you've got that working you can try out combining multiple lights into a single pass with your shaders.

Hope that helps,


EDIT: I think there are multi-light shadow mapping demos at Humus's website here and at Delphi3D as well.

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Yes, having multiple shaders for multiple light scenarios is very good.
But - it is just optimization (if we can call that way your FPS.. :).
Multiple lights with SM per DIP can be made by packing SM-s into color channels of the RT for example. Lower depth-resolution, but if light radius is small, it is fine.
Making many shaders for different light scenarios can be made easily with preprocessor and defines - then producing the shader needed would be just compiling the same shader file with different macro settings.

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