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DirectShow fail to build graph for mp3 playback

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Hi. I've just build a sound engine to use in games, and hand it to a friend, as a little testing aplication, to test it. All goes fine, wav, midi, ogg, but he found one mp3 that wouldn't play, so I asked to send me that file, and in my system it plays, so with a few alterations to the code I found that when he tries to play that single mp3, DirectShow is only capable of adding the source file filter and the MPEG-I Stream Splitter, so I send him the mp3 decoder that I use, since I knew we had different ones, cause when he uses the app to play other mp3 and it builds the complete graph, I see the one he has, but it didn't work. So I don't know why with that singular mp3 the graphBuilder is only capable of adding two filters and fails before the mp3 decoder, it could be cause it didn't recognize the file as vallid, but then, why does it play on my system? I couldn't find anything on this not even in MSDN, and I'm out of ideas, I could try to add the mp3 decoder filter after the builder fails, but I don't know what that filter class ID is, could I just register a new class filter in DirectShow to solve this? Other thing is that if I manage to add that filter "manualy", should I really do it? since DirectShow could be failing cause it doesn't recognise the file. If I was to force the processing of the file(not being recognized), could it cause some awkward behavior within DirectShow? Oh, the code tests all HRESULTs returned from the functions and if something bad happens throws an exception. Hope someone can help me, I tried to explain the situation the best way I could, sorry if it is too big. [Edited by - MaximusDM_PT on September 20, 2005 5:53:59 PM]

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