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pointer problem

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hey i can't work out where to put the pointer in as wherever i put it at moment creates problems, so their must be an easier way. im trying to make the function able to return the name of a particular item without repeating big chunks of code, so thought the way im going is right way, but hey i'm new so all part of learning.
void Store::Sell(Player & player, int type) {
	//Weapon* mPoint;
	//Armour* mPoint;
	int select=0;
	string cat="Default";
	if(type == 1) { 
		cat = "Weapon";
		Weapon * mPoint = new Weapon;
		*mPoint = player.GetWeapon();
	if(type == 2) { 
		cat = "Armour"; 
		Armour * mPoint = new Armour;
		*mPoint = player.getArmor();
	else if(type == 3) { cat = "Item"; }
	//Weapon * mPoint=0;
	switch ( type ) {
		case 1: 
			//Weapon * mPoint = new Weapon;
			//*mPoint = player.GetWeapon();
			cout << cat << ": " << mPoint->mName << "\n";
			cout << mPoint->mName << ": value is " << mPoint->mValue << "\n";
	cout << "1) Sell	2) Keep";
	if(select == 1) {

	if(select == 2) { return; }

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It seems you're looking for polymorphism. You'll need a base class 'Item' (or something along those lines) and inherit specific items such as class Weapon : public Item, class Armor : public Item, etc.
If you add generic properties (such as price, name, etc.) that are shared by all items to the Item base class, you can indeed access these by an Item*:

Item *item = new Weapon("Twig");
cout << item->Name(); // will print Twig
item = new Armor("Pink Dress +2");
cout << item->Name(); // will now print Pink Dress +2


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I think the easiest part for this would be parent class Item of Weapon and Armor

which has virtual functions getName() and getValue()

You would only need a pointer

Item* item

which will get eitger the return of getWeapon or getArmor

and than you can call the Functions getName and getValue on this pointer an you get what you want.
For this getWeapon and getArmour should best also return pointers, or you keep your code and you will have the following line:

item = &weapon; or item = &armor;

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