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Locks and Boxes

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You are James Bond (Pierce Brosnan). You need to get some information to your boss, M (Judi Dench), about the location of the nefarious Doctor Rhino, and you need to receive a confirmation back from her. M cannot send the confirmation until she has your information. Alas, Rhino's agents have infilitrated the post office network, and are working against you. Rhino's agents will open any unsecured package and replace it with a tampered package that will explode and kill whoever opens it. Fortunately, MI-6 has supplied both you and M with a number of lockboxes (designed by Q) that can be secured with as many padlocks as you desire and sent through the mail. Each padlock can be unlocked independently of the others, but only a lockbox with zero padlocks can be opened and its contents retrieved. The lockbox can contain as many keys and padlocks as you wish. Rhino's agents can manufacture a key given an unlocked padlock (through reverse engineering), or they can make a copy of any key they already have. Q's lockboxes have a catch. Each time a lockbox is opened, the box takes a picture of whoever opened it. The records of who opened a lockbox can be accessed by anyone who has the box, but never modified by anyone other than the lockbox itself. Rhino's agents are aware of this feature, and they can also manufacture their own lockboxes (but not their own lockbox logs). You win if you have the confirmation to kill Dr. Rhino and both you and M are alive. You lose if either you or M opens a tampered package. If either you or M receive a tampered package but are able to determine that it's been tampered with, then Dr. Rhino gets away, but you're both still alive (which isn't as good as winning, but it's better than losing). Given the constraints of the problem, what steps should you and M take? Is it possible for you to win, or can Rhino's agents always beat you?

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