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Panning - how do the values in MDX work?

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I'm reading through the docs and it says that the Pan property for the SecondarySoundBuffer is measured in decibels; -10,000 is all the way to the left and 10,000 is all the way to the right. My understanding is that one channel will always be at 100% and the other channel will be reduced by the absolute value of the pan in decibels. However, I recall that every 3 decibels doubles (or halves) the volume. So, does that mean that at a pan value of -3, the left channel is at 100% and the right is at 50%? If so, then by the time you get to -21, you're at less than 1%. Is this correct? If so, why is it important to have the values range as far as -10,000? I would think that after a value of 100 (or -100) no differences could even be perceived. Also, I think the volume value works the same way. If so, the same question about range applies. :) --Vic--

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