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[dinput] Just doesn't work in release mode (but fine in debug)?

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Hello everyone.. I just can't figure this one out.. When I compile in debug mode, everything works fine.. When I compile in release mode, nothing works.. :s Trying for buffered exclusive foreground access.. What I'm trying to do is to get keyboard input.. Now, if I compile in debug mode, everything works fine as I said.. I can either start with F5, Ctrl-F5 or doubleclick the exe from explorer.. But if in release mode, I don't get any input if I start without debugging.. If I start with F5, the first call to GetDeviceData() will do what it's supposed to do, then it'll just return sucess, but no data.. I'm checking it, it doesn't return any error.. So obviously you wanna suspect my project settings.. They link to the same libs.. Include the same files.. The only diffs are like * Debug info format * Incremental linking * Minimal rebuild * Basic runtime checks * Runtime library (Multi-threaded vs. Multi-threaded Debug) All input code is in a DLL.. This DLL is NOT responsible for creating the window, an exe is.. But all of the init functions return success, including Acquire(); Any ideas? [edit 5mins later] Turns out it was the buffer size.. My current setting was 256, because I predict there might be times where my input will be checked VERY rarely.. When I changed it to 128 it works..

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