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Quake Team Fortress download links, setup guide (yea its free now)

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IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS MAKING THIS WORK YOU CAN CONTACT MY AIM, ScottsOtherAim. Please spread this to forums you frequent. Quake 1 Team Fortress has been out for some time now, its free, its the best game evar. You'll need several things... Quake, Some Patches, Quake World, Team Fortress, The All Seeing Eye, and one of the updated quake clients... Ok, I am getting all links from FileFront because no registration required and it is quick... http://files.filefront.com/Quake_Demo/;261;;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/Quake_108_patch/;262;;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;3124370;;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/tf28instexe/;1334;;/fileinfo.html When installing team fortress do not alt tab from the window or it will freeze. http://www.customtf.com/downloads/customtf_client_win32_10c.exe http://www.customtf.com/downloads/map_pack_10c.zip Extract this to QUAKE\Fortress\maps Mmm.... Texture pack for extra sexy... http://www.fuhquake.net/files/extras/fortress-textures.zip Extract to quake/fortress/textures and overwrite all. Once you finish installing all these files go to your QUAKE folder and delete opengl32.dll, this is an old opengl driver and will only cause problems when you try to play with graphic acceleration. Now for the all seeing eye... http://videogames.yahoo.com/allseeingeye_eula?ch=1 just scroll to the bottom and click accept Once all this is done go to your quake/fuhquake/configs folder and open config.cfg with notepad or some text editor and delete everything there and copy and paste this into there:
//                                                                                                //
//                                    C O M M A N D   L I N E                                     //
//                                                                                                //

// -width 1280 -height 1024 -conwidth 512 -conheight 512 -bpp 32 -mem 64 -gamma 0.7 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms +togglemenu +cfg_load config

//                                                                                                //
//                                       V A R I A B L E S                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//Only variables with non-default values are listed below.
//You can use "cfg_save_unchanged 1" to save all variables.

//Player Settings
rate                         "10000"
skin                         "base"

//Console Settings
gl_consolefont               "charset.png"

//FPS and EyeCandy Settings
r_powerupGlow                "2"

//Particle Effects
gl_part_blobs                "1"
gl_part_blood                "1"
gl_part_explosions           "1"
gl_part_gunshots             "1"
gl_part_inferno              "1"
gl_part_lavasplash           "1"
gl_part_spikes               "1"
gl_part_telesplash           "1"
gl_part_trails               "1"

//Water and Sky Settings
r_wateralpha                 "0.4"

//Video Settings
_windowed_mouse              "0"

//Sound Settings
volume                       "0.2"

//Input - Keyboard
cl_backspeed                 "1000"
cl_forwardspeed              "1000"
cl_sidespeed                 "1000"

//Status Bar and Scoreboard
cl_hudswap                   "1"

//Crosshair Settings
cl_crossy                    "x 1"

//Screen Settings
gl_gamma                     "0.5"

//View Settings
viewsize                     "110.0"

//Unsorted Variables
cl_loadFragfiles             "1"
cl_parseFrags                "1"

//                                                                                                //
//                                         A L I A S E S                                          //
//                                                                                                //

alias +j2           "+forward"
alias -j2           "-forward"
alias +slow         "-speed"
alias -slow         "+speed"
alias +zoom         "zoom_on"
alias -zoom         "zoom_off"

alias airjump       "impulse 8;downlook;rotate 180;+jump;+attack;wait;-attack;-jump;rotate 180;impulse 2"
alias chase         "chase_on"
alias chase_off     "chase_active 0; alias chase chase_on"
alias chase_on      "chase_active 1; alias chase chase_off"
alias downlook      "-mlook;cl_pitchspeed 5000;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 150;+mlook"
alias downlook45    "-mlook;cl_pitchspeed 1000;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 150;+mlook"
alias impulsejump   "impulse 8;downlook45;rotate 180;+attack;wait;-attack;-jump;rotate 180;impulse 2"
alias joy_look      "chase_back 96;wait;chase_back 64;wait;chase_back 32;wait;chase_back 128;chase_active 0;crosshair 2;+mlook;-strafe;alias joymode joy_move;alias +j2 +forward;alias -j2 -forward;-jump"
alias joy_move      "chase_active 2;crosshair 0;chase_back 32;wait;chase_back 64;wait;chase_back 96;wait;chase_back 128;-mlook;+strafe;alias joymode joy_look;alias +j2 +jump;alias -j2 -jump;-forward"
alias joymode       "joy_move"
alias zoom_in       "zoom_on"
alias zoom_off      "chase_up 22;chase_back 128;sensitivity 3;fov 5;wait;fov 10;wait;fov 30;wait;fov 50;wait;fov 70;wait;fov 90;alias zoom_in zoom_on"
alias zoom_on       "chase_up 0;chase_back 0;sensitivity 2;fov 90;wait;fov 70;wait;fov 50;wait;fov 30;wait;fov 10;wait;fov 5;alias zoom_in zoom_off"

//                                                                                                //
//                               T E A M P L A Y   C O M M A N D S                                //
//                                                                                                //

tp_pickup    default
tp_took      default
tp_point     default

filter       clear

//                                                                                                //
//                          M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C O M M A N D S                           //
//                                                                                                //

mapgroup clear

//                                                                                                //
//                                   P L U S   C O M M A N D S                                    //
//                                                                                                //


//                                                                                                //
//                                    K E Y   B I N D I N G S                                     //
//                                                                                                //

bind  TAB           "+showscores"
bind  ENTER         "+jump"
bind  ESCAPE        "togglemenu"
bind  SPACE         ""
bind  +             "sizeup"
bind  ,             "+gren2"
bind  -             "sizedown"
bind  .             "+gren1"
bind  /             "mwheelup"
bind  0             "impulse 10"
bind  1             "impulse 1"
bind  2             "impulse 2"
bind  3             "impulse 3"
bind  4             "impulse 4"
bind  5             "impulse 5"
bind  6             "impulse 6"
bind  7             "impulse 7"
bind  8             "impulse 8"
bind  9             "impulse 9"
bind  =             "sizeup"
bind  \             "id"
bind  `             "toggleconsole"
bind  a             "+lookup"
bind  b             "id"
bind  c             "+movedown"
bind  w             "+forward"
bind  d             "+moveright"
bind  s            "+back"
bind  j             "+drop3"
bind  k             "build;wait;impulse 4"
bind  l             "skill"
bind  m             "messagemode2"
bind  n             "+detpipe"
bind  o             "throwdet"
bind  p             "+det5"
bind  r             "discard"
bind  a             "+moveleft"
bind  v             "id"
bind  x             "+lookdown"
bind  z             "+lookdown"
bind  ~             "toggleconsole"
bind  PAUSE         "pause"
bind  UPARROW       "+forward"
bind  DOWNARROW     "+back"
bind  LEFTARROW     "+left"
bind  RIGHTARROW    "+right"
bind  SPACE      "+jump"
bind  ALT           "+strafe"
bind  CTRL          "+attack"
bind  SHIFT         ""
bind  F1            "help"
bind  F2            "menu_save"
bind  F3            "menu_load"
bind  F4            "menu_options"
bind  F5            "menu_multiplayer"
bind  F6            "echo Quicksaving...; wait; save quick"
bind  F9            "echo Quickloading...; wait; load quick"
bind  F10           "quit"
bind  F11           "zoom_in"
bind  F12           "screenshot"
bind  INS           "+klook"
bind  DEL           "+lookdown"
bind  PGDN          "+lookup"
bind  PGUP          "+lookup"
bind  END           "centerview"
bind  MOUSE1        "+attack"
bind  MOUSE2        "+strafe"
bind  MOUSE3        "airjump"
bind  JOY1          "+attack"
bind  JOY2          "+j2"
bind  JOY3          "impulse 10"
bind  JOY4          "joymode"
bind  MWHEELUP      "impulse 12"
bind  MWHEELDOWN    "impulse 12"

Now that you've set up your config, you need to set up the all seeing eye, so get into the all seeing eye, you probably need to select an eye server, so just right click on the Eye Servers and click refresh and double click the one w/ the best ping. Now go to Tools and Options Go to the Games tab, select QuakeWorld. It should have searched and found quakeworld the first time it started up, but if it doesn't you need to look for it under not installed and and set your game directory by hand. Enter Player Name, put config.cfg under config file, and under program location you should have something like D:/quake... Change the base directories so its your quake directory, don't change anything after the quake\ though. D:\QUAKE\fuhquake-gl.exe -mem 32 -democache 32768 -width 1280 -height 1024 -conwidth 1280 -conheight 1024 -bpp 32 +set vid_displayfrequency 75 -forceTextureReload -particles 32256 -dinput +cfg_load config.cfg This will give you a nice resolution and make the game look nicer overall. when you are done you can go ahead and hit ok go to Quakeworld and select Team Fortress, right click it and click refresh. Select your server, preferably one with players in it. and enjoy the game. You may want to bind some keys as well. +gren1 +gren2 build the way you would bind them is if you wanted f to be +gren1, go to console (press ~) and type bind f +gren1. This will make f throw the first type of nade the player has. The people in the servers should be happy to help you, just press T to talk. Once all this is done, go into All-Seeing Eye, select QuakeWorld as your game type, expand the tree and select Team Fortress. The server you are looking for is one of the PROZAC CustomTF servers, or you can just try a server with players on it. This is one of the greatest games of all time, and I suggest you all play Team Fortress for quake 1. The demo upgrades to full version with the 1.08 patch. Happy Fragging.
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Oh man, I miss CustomTF. I still think it's the best and most fun game I've played. I don't play games anymore, but I'm tempted to go back and check it out, and maybe play it once in a while. I think my name was (*2)Ivko [cp]. Remember me? Are there actually enough people playing that you can find a populated server often enough?

I really suggest that people try this out. It's old, but it's fun, and that's what matters.

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Original post by Ivko
Oh man, I miss CustomTF. I still think it's the best and most fun game I've played. I don't play games anymore, but I'm tempted to go back and check it out.

Ahh, yes.. Seconded, I used to be hooked and play CustomTF many hours aday back in the days..

Is Taco-Bell still playing? I might consider reinstalling quake again...


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