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theZapper    150
I just got a new phone (Motorola A1000) and thought about having a bash a writing an app for it. It is using the Symbian OS UIQ, and says rel 51.14.15 on the system information screen. I would like to know where to get a compiler for C++ for it, and possibly help files and the like. Can you get a visual studio plugin? or do I have to use Borland or Codewarrior? Thanks

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shmoove    821
Motocoder (Motorola's developer portal)
A1000 Device Details (with links to all the appropiate SDKs)
Symbian Developer Home
NewLC (Another Symbian resource site

I haven't worked with UIQ devices, only Series 60, but if it's anything alike then there is a plug-in for Visual Studio that will give you a wizard to create an application shell, and a few batch files you need to run in order to build the apps for the actual phone (as opposed to the emulator).


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