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Array loses all data?

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Hey all, I am writing a function to read a specific file structure but for some reason an array I want to save the data in always returns a 0 no matter what it is set to do. And yes I know that some things I use for this is ancient, thats becouse a friend of mine is very good at the older libraries. It is a function to read a map file for a rather simple game, all data I save is saved properly EXCEPT the data I save in the LowLayerTiles 2 dimensional integer array.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "ReadFiles.h"

//Public functions



void ReadFiles::LoadMap(char* filename)
FILE* mapfile;
char line[255];
mapfile = fopen(filename, "rt");
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Area Music: %i\n", &AreaMusic);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Battle Music: %i\n", &BattleMusic);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Entry Script: %i\n", &ScriptOnEntry);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Width: %i\n", &AreaWidth);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Height: %i\n", &AreaHeight);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Mana Capacity: %i\n", &ManaCapacity);
ReadLine(mapfile, line);
sscanf(line, "Mana Recovery: %i\n", &ManaRecovery);
//Define arrays for map reading
LowLayerTiles = new int [AreaHeight,AreaWidth];
MidLayerTiles = new int [AreaHeight,AreaWidth];
HighLayerTiles = new int [AreaHeight,AreaWidth];
Interactibles = new int [AreaWidth, AreaHeight];
NPCs = new int [AreaWidth, AreaHeight];
Triggers = new int [AreaWidth, AreaHeight];
//Done with the arrays
char CrntPlace[2048];
for (int i = 0; i<AreaHeight; i++)
    int Coordnate;
    ReadLine(mapfile, line);
    char * tileid;
    sscanf(line, "%s\n", CrntPlace);
    //printf ("%s\n",CrntPlace);
    tileid = strtok(line," ");
           for (int j = 0; j<AreaWidth; j++)

           Coordnate = int(tileid[0]) - 48;
           Coordnate = Coordnate * 10;
           Coordnate = Coordnate + int(tileid[1]) - 48;
           tileid = strtok (NULL, " ,.");

      LowLayerTiles[i,j] = Coordnate;
          printf ("%i\n",LowLayerTiles[i,j]);
void ReadFiles::ReadLine(FILE *f,char *string)
		fgets(string, 255, f);
	} while ((string[0] == '/') || (string[0] == '\n'));

Here is the header file.
class ReadFiles
   //int temp;
    //Map Variables
    //Music variables
    int AreaMusic;
    int BattleMusic;
    //Scripts to run
    int ScriptOnEntry;
    //Area Size
    int AreaWidth;
    int AreaHeight;
    int ManaCapacity;
    int ManaRecovery; //Mana recovered per second
    int *LowLayerTiles;
    int *MidLayerTiles;
    int *HighLayerTiles;
    int *Interactibles;
    int *NPCs;
    int *Triggers;
    //Public functions
    ReadFiles(); //Constructor
    ~ReadFiles();  //Destructor
    void LoadMap(char* filename);
    void ReadLine(FILE* f,char* string);    

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Edit nr 3:
Ok, seems I didn't post nonsense afterall. I was taken by surprise that new int[i,j] actually compiles. Each dimension of an array in C/C++ (I'm assuming that you're not using C#, which I know nothing about but does seem to accept [,]) is denoted by a separate pair of: []. So accessing element (i,j) of a two dimensional array is as follows:

element = LowLayerTiles[j];

Unfortunately, initializing a 2-dimensional array with two non-constant variables such as your AreaHeight and AreaWidth is not possible with new. Therefore creating a two dimensional array requires either writing your own array class that maps a 2D array to a 1D array, or using existing solutions such as a std::vector of std::vectors. Solutions are described in this thread or by MaulingMonkey in this thread.


[Edited by - dimebolt on October 5, 2005 8:58:46 AM]

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arrayname[i, j] is equivalent to: "evaluate i, throw away the results (there may have been side effects that will persist though), then tell me what arrayname[j] is".

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