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Hi all! I have a question... See, I made this pong clone in SDL. But i'm gonna add a pause menu with, well nothing but continue and exit. However, how would I save the actual screen? Maybe something like this?
SDL_Surface *Screen; // My screen

void myPauseFunction()
    SDL_Surface *Temp = SDL_DisplayFormat(Screen);

    SDL_FillRect(...Screen...); // I forgot the actual parameter for now :(

    // Draw the pause menu to the screen

    Screen = SDL_DisplayFormat(Temp);


Would this work?

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If you hit continue just redraw everything to the screen... like your paddles probably have x/y coords they are at just redraw them at those coords your ball has a x/y redraw it there nad redraw your background....from what i get from SDL doc SDL_DisplayFormat only does the one surface... and as far I know each object ussally has its own surface... so it wouldnt effect say the ball surface.. unless iam wrong but i dont think iam.

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